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"Employee Engagement is a Chief Predictor of Company Performance." Dr. Jim Harter, Gallup Organization

Employees work for you because they have aspirations they want to accomplish.  But, sometimes, life gets in the way and their stress over personal finances and lack of progress arrives at work with your employee and impacts your bottom line.

Ongoing studies of Employee Engagement have found that engagement is a chief predictor of company performance.  That's why Lane Legacy is so focused on improving your bottom line through employee engagement.  The company was founded by Gary Olson and Christopher Johnson who have taught, mentored, and lead scores of people to success.

Employees that feel success in their aspirations are more engaged at work, more productive, less likely to cause conflict, and less likely to leave.

Lane Legacy lights the fire within your employees

Through onsite seminars, one on one meetings, a branded app, and a comprehensive ‘Financial Life’ book, Lane Legacy helps your employees move forward in their personal aspirations through personal finance education, personal financial advisory services, and personal goal establishment and tracking.

With Lane Legacy, your company can offer the HR benefit of personal accomplishment to your employees to help them reach their dreams and improve your bottom line.